Uniden HR2510, HR2600, and Lincoln Knowledge base

if Doc doesn’t know it no one will !!!


                                                                      Amateur Radio Repair and Service

Uniden HR2510, HR2600, Lincoln
10 Meter and 11 Meter Radio Repairs and modifications for the Shortwave Radio Enthusiast.

Amateur 10 meter radio repair specializing in the Uniden HR2510, HR2600, and Lincoln series radios.

****** Doc is now KC2UJJ ******

He has obtained his General Amateur License

Telephone Numbers

Buffalo NY

  1. (716)893-2505  (Direct)

Niagara Falls

  1. (716)304-3828  x2510

Washington DC

  1. (202)461-3231  x2510

Toll Free

  1. (877)546-8964  x2510


Gladly Accepted...

Doc does make housecalls:

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Unlike most other service centers Doc's Radio Repair and Modifications are warranted. Doc has the equipment, knowledge, expertise and wisdom to make your radio better than factory. Doc has been servicing Amateur Radios for over 20 years, which probably makes him one of the most experienced and knowledgeable technicians in the industry.